Dear Customer!


fiedlerI am the leader of mz own casting agency since 1995. Me and my colleagues work together as a team for a long time. We know very well, that advertising and movie trade require high level of flexibility and creativity.

In our database You can find well- and less-known but talented actors and models, as well as ordinary or prominent amateurs from wide ageinterval, so senior people as well as new-born babies. We expand our registration continously with high attention and are ready to participate in such performances which require special characters. (During our activities we have looked for – and of course have already found – polevaulters, masseurs, racing cyclist; German, Italian, Finnish people; rastafarians, fire-jugglers, skateboarders; dancers, conductors, moreover whole symphony orchestras.) Our database-system is able to execute filters on several basis (e.g. hair colour, height, spoken languages) among 12.000 registered persons.

Our own casting sutido gives us the opportunity for managing the qualifying processes on the way we imagined. We can present the finished material either on VHS or mini-DV, and also on CD or via Internet. Additionally it is possible preparing pre-qualifications an qualifications on the basis of photos.

After thousands of succesful performances I can state that we are very proud of our database and our professional experience. These are the two pillars of being able to manage the needs of characters of advertisements and movies from sorting the performers to ensuring hundreds of extras.


For registrators:

 Our office ensures perofrmers and extras for advertisements, movies, TV-series and videos.

However the company acts in its current form since year 2000, most of the colleagues work in the movie profession for a long time so they have mor than a decade long experience on the field of performer selection. We ensured performers for a lot of movies (e.g.: Közel a szerelemhez, I love Budapest, Üvegtigris, Spy game, Előre, Il Tunnel – alagút a szabadság felé, Greenaway's Luper Trilogy), TV-series (Barátok közt, Szeress most!, Első generáció), and hundreds of advertisement performances (e.g.: Westel/T-Mobile, Matáv, Raiffeisen Bank, Posta Bank, Dréher, Soproni, Renault, Citroën, Suzuki, Coca-Cola, Fanta, OBI, Cora).


You can register personally in our office every Wednesday from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.



With kind regards:

Ferenc Fiedler

managing director